Limited Time Offer

£50 Per Month

A Custom Branded Exercise Library For Vibes Gym

150+ Exercise Models You Can Add To Your Gym Website
& Social Media

All 3D Models Are Designed Using Your Gym Colors and Branding

We Change The Colors Of The Machines, The Bumper Plates, The Barbell And The Seat Padding.

We Even Add Your Logo To The Background, Machines & Bumper Plates

A Premium Service To Offer Your Members

3 New Exercises & Infographics Added Each Week

3 New Exercises Will Be Added To Your Exericse Library Each Week

Each Graphic Has A Unique QR Code That Links Back To The Exercise 3D Model On Your Website Or Direct To The Augmented Reality View.

All Infographics are Included!

The Higest Quality 3D Resin Prints Will Be Mailed Direct To You

Graphics can link back to your Exercise Library Online or Direct to an Augmented Reality View.

Scan Now To Try Augmented Reality View.